Top Ten T. Swift Still Can’t Dance and Is Racist Now

t swift

Taylor Swift debuted her new music video for her single Shake It Off and it’s evident that she wasted a lot of money on all of those dance classes, because white girl still looks like a clumsy giraffe while dancing. She also pulled a Miley Cyrus and exhibited and reinforced multiple racial stereotypes in the video. Let’s have a look, shall we? Read more

Top Ten ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS bucket challenge is a viral internet campaign that so far has raised over $15.6 million for the ALS Association that researches Lou Gehrig’s disease. More and more celebrities are being nominated and more and more of them are accepting the challenge and posting them on social media websites. We picked out the best so you didn’t have to. (Please Note: Of course Beiber didn’t make the list) Read more

Top Ten Mila Kunis Is Really Over This Whole Pregnant Thing

It seems like Mila Kunis has literally been pregnant forever and by the look on her face it’s clear that she feels the same way. We’d be pissed too if we sacrificed our once-flawless Russian body to one of America’s dumbest bachelors without even tying the knot first, but that’s just us. In case you weren’t aware, there is an entire Instagram account that keeps up with all the happenings of Mila and Ashton’s relationship as they near having their first child together. With that, we bring you Top Ten Mila Kunis Is Really Over This Whole Pregnant Thing.

Just look at her face. It should work as a pretty good form of contraception.

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Top Ten Jessa Duggar Is Marrying A Teenager

It’s not that we’re opposed at the idea of a full-grown woman dating a younger [teenage] boy (see: Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift), it’s just that- isn’t Jessa Duggar way too hot to marry an adult like herself? We think so, but since her entire family consists of hardcore God Warriors we guess no guy is going to want to stick around with a girl for a year of courtship and no sex other than some naive kid who only wants to get married so he can finally hit that.

Here’s Top Ten Jessa Duggar Is Marrying A Teenager:

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Top Ten Ariana Grande Is Tripping Balls


In Ariana Grande’s newest mess of a music video, Break Free, Ariana plays a sci-fi heroine who fights off evil aliens in outer space. We know, the only plausible explanation for all of this is that Ariana as well as the directors, writers, producers, and editors of this video must have been tripping their balls off when it was made. Because why else would they consider this a good idea?

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