Top Ten Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras


Victoria’s Secret unveiled two of their annual fantasy bras that are seen above modeled by Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. Although they look quite impractical to wear, they are marked at $2 million a pop and are collectively made of 18K gold and took 1,380 hours to make. However, these are not to be considered the most extravagant or most expensive of previous Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras through out the years, so we’ll recap the ones that are. Here’s Top Ten Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras. Read more

Top Ten Times Kylie Jenner’s Lips Looked Fake AF



Una foto publicada por Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) el


Seeing as though Kylie Jenner is only 17-years-old, we’re skeptical that she has had any work done cosmetically. However, because her lips as of late appear to be as over-inflated as Kim K’s ass, we can’t help but think that she’s had something done to her lips. We’ll leave it to you to decide. Here’s Top Ten Times Kylie Jenner’s Lips Looked Fake AF. Read more

Top Ten America’s Top Hand Model


We’ll bet in any given advertisement that you see in a magazine you presume that the hands that are seen from ad-to-ad are those of the model posing with them. However, the hands used to sell products in such ads usually belong to a hand model. Ashly Covington has made an entire lucrative career off of posing with models who although have amazing looks, usually don’t have model-worthy hands to match. Here’s Top Ten America’s Top Hand Model: Read more