Top Ten Celebrity Instagram Pics of the Week


I just want some head in a comfortable bed

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Let’s see what these slores have been up to all week. We’ve exempted this picture of Khloe Kardashian from our list because who wants to envision her getting head in a comfortable bed? That’s right, nobody. Here’s Top Ten Celebrity Instagram Pics of the Week. Read more

Top Ten Celebrities That Formally Had Jacked Up Teeth


Can you imagine trying to make it in Hollywood with a set of jacked up teeth? We sure as f*** can’t. However, the following celebrities took the initiative of getting their pearly whites rectified so that audiences everywhere never would have guessed that their teeth looked like they were throwing up street signs before they were famous. That obviously excludes Blohan, because who could forget how she ruined her once perfect smile after becoming famous. Read more

Top Ten CR Fashion Book Party


Last night marked the ending of another successful Paris Fashion Week and the release of CR Fashion Book’s fifth issue, which drove a lot of big-name celebrities to come out and party in celebration. It seems like everyone wore black to the event, that is for a few minor exceptions. Because we all know that Paris Hilton is the only real celebrity in this list, we didn’t feel so bad spoiling it for you by setting her as the featured image. Read more

Top Ten Cloon’s Wedding


It seems like just yesterday that George Clooney was banging models half his age and then kicking them to the curb as soon as they brought up the word “marriage,” and then moving on to the next one faster than a hooker wearing sketchers. But Clooney’s glory days as a notorious man-whore are officially dunzo, because he tied the knot with British barrister Amal Alamuddin in Venice over the weekend. And judging by how highly publicized the “intimate” affair ended up being, we’re almost certain Kim K. is probably taking notes so she can top this s*** for her [future] fourth wedding. Because this s*** made her wedding to Yeezy look like as low-key as courthouse wedding. Read more