Amanda Seyfried in a Wild Wig on Set

Amanda Seyfried is one of those actors who managed to play both sides of the coin. She does the Disney smut. You know the ridiculous romantic comedies designed to give teenage girls unrealistic expectations of men, leading to a whole lot of issues when they hit their 20s and 30s. But she also does the serious roles that she’s not afraid to take to the next level by stripping down. All while maintaining a pretty low key and unassuming demeanor about her when walking the streets in Hollywood. Like she may just be a cool chick and not a high maintenance, expensive, annoying starlet you’d expect her to be.

She is filming a movie with Justin Timberlake, another soon to be movie star who seems to be in every movie coming out, and he’s actually pretty good in.

She wears a wig, part of her looks silly, but the other parts of her look alright by me.

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