Got Meth?


The Favre family really can’t catch a break this month.  Brett Favre is being sued for sexual harassment and his sister, this gorgeous peach on the left, is being charged with allegedly manufacturing Methamphetamine at a condo in Mississippi.  Glad to see with all his multi-million dollar contracts for the NFL and endorsement deals that Brett is taking care of the family and keeping them in good standing.   After all, no one who has ever gotten involved in the drug trade did it out of desperation due to their living and financial situation. That’s crazy talk! I’m sure when he gets out of court, he’ll stop by the county jail to drop sis off a pack of smokes, head on over to the shelter at the YMCA where mom and dad have been living to say hi, then drive back in his hovercar to his gold plated mansion and wipe his ass with $100 bills.