He’s Homeless Guys, I’m Sure He Doesn’t Mind

You know how there is those people who love New York? Not us. We don’t love New York, in fact, we hate New York. Put that on a T-shirt. There’s garbage everywhere, it’s smells, the people really just aren’t nice, it costs way to much to get anywhere or do anything worthwhile. The list goes on.

And then there is, of course, the rat problem.

We don’t know what’s worse about this video of a rat running around a New York City subway car, the fact that there is a GIANT MUTANT RAT, you know a rat as in the same type of animal that caused THE PLAGUE, running around freely just doing it’s thing the way it does in most NY restaurants or the fact that asshole New Yorkers think it’s funny to record it on video while it runs all over a homeless man.

Because naturally he is homeless and therefore has no problem with potentially diseased filth making itself comfortable on his face, right? Maybe he can parlay this whole viral video thing into some sort of career, it worked for that Ted Williams Golden Voice Guy, and by worked, I mean dude’s star is already falling.

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