Quitters Never Win!


Brad Womack, star of television’s The Bachelor wants us all to know that he “chose the right woman this time”, this time as in the second time because he already did this once and it didn’t work out, so he thought he’d cash another giant pay check start over and give it another go. If at first you don’t succeed…

What I love most about this is America’s continuing attitude that marriage and true love being public eye for millions of views to grace their prying eyes on is completely acceptable and now, practically normal. It’s completely okay for groups of men and/or woman to compete on national television and, at times lie and cheat(while usually consuming copious amounts of alcohol cause that makes for better ratings) in order to gain the affection of the “prize” man or woman looking for love.

And gay people are supposed to be the ones ruining the sanctity of marriage?

Source: usmagazine.com