Get It While It’s Hot


*We’re posting this now before it gets removed from youtube.

Ricky Gervais did the opening monologue for the Golden Globes last night. We have this theory about why people it seems to be a trend of British comedians hosting American awards shows lately. It’s a bit curious, no? The Theory we’ve developed is that they generally don’t have the amount of ties to studios, actors producers etc. that their American counterparts do and this allows for the monologue, which in general is always a roast of some sort, to be funnier in the end. A comedian that is way less likely to work with any of the people he insulted is way more likely to insult them to a hilarious degree. That’s the way I see the math anyways.

I think we should nominate Ricky Gervais in the category of Not Giving a Flying Fuck for 2010. We love it.

And since we’re talking about the Golen Globes anyways, how stunning did Emma Stone look? Wow!