Jennifer Aniston Gets on the Cover of ANOTHER Magazine


Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of yet another magazine (see the rest of the pics here) which makes no sense to us, because her last movie (actually every movie she has ever been in) pretty much bombed, yet here she is on another cover, talking about god knows what in the interview inside.  Why she keeps getting magazine covers, let alone roles is beyond us, and we think it’s hilarious that people jump so quick to rag on her Friend’s counter parts about their lack of careers. Seriously, the choice between being in one critically acclaimed show that was loved by people everywhere and having that be your legacy versus being in failed attempt after failed attempt to revive your career isn’t a choice at all.  You’re beautiful, you have millions of dollars already, go spend the rest of your life enjoying yourself and leave acting to people that actually know how to play more than the same, one dimensional character.

Via Us Weekly via Allure