Gwyenth Paltrow is Stressed You Guys!

This whole obsession with celebrity that has snowballed in the last few years has unfortunetly set the wheels in motion for celebritries opening their mouth to talk to pretty much anybody who will listen, regardless of how irrelevant/pointless what they say has to be. It’s like that friend you have on twitter that you can’t block because they will spazz and who feels the needs to update you  every two minutes every senseless thought or thing they do throughout the day and make you feel stupider simply by letting them associate with you.

Moving on, Blythe Danner wanted us all to know that her daughter Gwyenth Paltrow has been REALLY busy these days, maybe too busy.  So busy in fact that all this multi-tasking has been really hard on her and she’s getting a little stressed! Gwyenth Paltrow’s life is hard guys, real tough.

As of 2008, she was Hollywood’s highest paid actress , making out with roughly 25 million dollars (cough) in that year alone.  She and her husband (world famous musician Chris Martin) and bought a property, then a neighboring property, then ANOTHER neighboring property in Belsize Park, north-west London last year which they have combined and renovated into a 33 room mansion.

Though, now that we think about it, if we had to listen to Chris Martin’s shitty music day in and day out that would be enough to stress me out and make me hate my life too. There’s no amount of money that will make me like Coldplay.


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