That’s News to Me (Not Really Though)

I love TMZ as much as the next person, hell they employ numbers of people and pay them handsomely so idiots like me can link their stories  and make a living writing dumb shit, so hey no complaints here. It’s like a bizarre circle of life of which I am obviously the grass at the bottom that everyone shits all over.  That being said I should probably be sucking Larry Levin’s pecker right now (Is he gay? Sorry, that’s a question for another time)

I guess even the world of fake and exageratted celeb news has slow days though, and one of today’s story is about rapper Little Bow Wow – oh wait sorry, he’s not Little Bow Wow anymore, he’s just Bow Wow (god I hate rapper sometimes) – visited a weed shop in Amsterdam.  Now I know we will be the first to admit we aren’t 60 minutes here at Famous Misfortune by any means, hell we aren’t even Fox News and as far as we know they make 99% of their shit up, but this is not news. Hell this isn’t even surprising.

Here are some things that are about as surprising as hearing a rapper visited a weed store in Amsterdam:

1.       Waking Up and the Sky is Blue

There are few thing as constant as the color of the sky and when is comes to things you can count on, this is probably it. Unless it’s raining. Duh.

2.       You Are Going to Die

And if we know you at all like we think we do, you’re going to be right down there in hell beside me. Maybe we can room together, you don’t snor do you? Something tells me I will need uninterrupted nights of sleep so I’m well rested for all that burning in a pit of eternal flames I hear so much about.

3.       Lindsay Lohan Getting Arrested For One Thing or Another

At this point we are more surprised when we wake up and check the news and hear she HASN’T been arrested for something.


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