Foxy Brown Got the Old Heave Ho

This photo doesn’t related to this post at all we just thought it was fitting and also wanted to let you bask in the beauty.

I don’t know how or why anyone would be surprised at a musician showing up drunk or late but I guess people out there aren’t as forgiving as us. It would seem the people over at Red Bull like to drink their energy drinks with their pinkies in the air and don’t take kindly to those of us who like to party before the party.

Apparently Foxy Brown showed up late for her performance, drunk off her ass,  and locked herself in a bathroom and refused to come out, at which point she was asked to leave (ie: thrown out on her ass) by security.

Now we will be the first to say that we don’t act like aristocrats when we are out. We don’t even act like polite guests. We are more like the village drunk but in any event, we just really are not that shocked by this and we are surprised anyone else was for that matter. Maybe I’m wrong, but I was always under the impression that showing up late, drunk and locking yourself in a bathroom to any sort of Hollywood event was sort of a pre-requisite or also just known as ‘Saturday’ but it seems we have to rethink things.


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