This is as Good a Place to Leave Off as Any

I’m sick again and not to be too dramatic or anything but I think I miught be dying. I won’t get into the details of what I have beeen coughing up (use your imagination) but I’ve had a splitting headache that can only be described as feeling like there is a gremlin inside my head trying to tunnel its way out. Yeah, kinda like that. That being said, it’s a half assed day around here.

So, while the priest is issuing me my last rights over my death bed (aka me sitting on my couch covered in blankets and used tissue) you can look at this video mash up on Charlie Brown and Charlie Sheen which is actually courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Show (I know, I know) , because if there’s one thing that makes me feel better in any way right now, it’s Charlie Sheen.

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