This is Exactly What We Needed Today

Well I’m not dead but I had some fun with my mom last night by telling her I thought I had Lyme Disease, which is basically impossible, but that still didn’t stop her from freaking the fuck out.  Jokes aside though, I think I may actually have Pneumonia which isn’t very funny. I’m gonna put off going to the doctor until tomorrow, but in the event I die in my sleep, I want you to know how much our time together has meant to me. Not really though.


When she isn’t busy making shitty rap songs that make me wish I had been born with no ears or getting kicked off of a television show that would basically have anyone on it so long as they were a loud mouth with bad hair, reflective sunglasses and a deep orange tan, Angelina is moving on and moving up with her career and by moving up I mean moving down because she was on that retarded (please don’t send me emails saying not to say retarded) TNA female wrestling show.

This is one of those videos where I’m gonna have to just let it speak for itself, so you’re gonna wanna head on over to to check that out.  I guess the whole storyline here, and I use the word story line is a way that is about as loose as Angelina’s vagina, is that she’s come back to challenge JWoww to a fight via the slut  team of TNA wrestlers called Beautiful People that JWoww fought alongside when making her appearance on TNA, the video of which is below and it pretty much a battle of the silicone implants.

And just in case you need a reason to hate the universe for blessing you with the gift of hearing, you can listen to this again:


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