“Are You Serious?”

I don’t care much for children but if there’s one thing I do like about them it’s that don’t mince words and aren’t afraid to call bullshit on things and tell it like it is. Seriously, adults can learn a lot from anybody on the planet under 10.  Most of the time their attitude comes in response to their mom’s shitty cooking which makes them seem like tiny assholes that you want to lock in a cage but then again, their Mom’s cooking is completely shitty so they kinda have a point you know?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about little shitheads that can’t keep their mouths shut when they are supposed or or will try to tell you how to put together your Ikea furniture even  though they never completed that puzzel you got them for Christmas, I’m talking about bright kids that have been raised to question things interllecutally and aren’t afraid to debate and express their opnions.  Seriously, get into a conversation with 7 year old about something relative to their lives and that they understand and they will blow your fucking mind with some of the shit they come up with.

So here’s a bunch of tweens calling bullshit on Lady Gaga, because Lady Gaga and her whole fucking schtick are complete bullshit and it’s too bad a bunch of rugrats can see through it and 90% of the population on planet fucking earth cannot.

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