Another Year, Another Miss USA

I watched Miss USA last night and my original plan had been to live blog it through twitter but than I realized it would just be about 400o tweets talking about how much I hate Donald Trump and how this stupid pageant is just a 2 hour long commercial for Las Vegas and anyone who actually spent their time watching it (ie. Me) is a fucking idiot.)

The Q and A is pretty much the only thing worth watching this shitshow first and though the questions were easier than ever to avoid televised homophobia into millions of homes a la Carrie Prejean. Miss California was bigging up the use of weed for medical reason during her segment and considering Lil Jon was on the judging panel you know during deliberations he was waving his gat around with a fatty hanging out of his mouth while rapping about how she should get the title (in my dreams at least)

In the end, Alyssa Campanella aka Miss California took the crown but this pageant was boring as shit, so instead let’s revisit Miss Teen USA’s Miss South Carolina for some hilarious laughs at how SUCH AS most of these chicks are just beautiful empty vessles SUCH AS with no brain in their heads to speak of. SUCH AS. FOR OUR CHILDREN.

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