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Because AIDS isn’t already a big enough problem worldwide already and people in western culture are convinced that they can get rid of most STDs with some Penicillin the universe decided to throw us a curve ball to fuck with a us a bit and keep us on our toes.  It seems there’s a new strain of Gonorrhea making its way around via Japan, you know, cause they ALWAYS have to do everything first.

Scientists discovered a new strain of gonorrhea-causing bacteria in Japan that is resistant to available treatments. A July 8, 2011, report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged doctors to be on the lookout for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterial strain that causes the disease and can grow and multiply, which is resistant to cephalosporin, a common treatment used for the disease that over the last decade has failed to, and to report the antibiotic-resistant cases quickly.

Look I don’t want to sound like a fucking asshole (okay I’m lying) but in this day an age fucking without a condom is like getting addicted to heroin – you know the possible consequences, you’ve seen the outcome happen to your friends but for some reason you “know” it won’t happen to you.  Well it can and it will and if you’re reading this site you’re probably an unemployed dirtbag  that smokes cigarette butts off the ground  and blows their nose on their own shirt and  I can only imagine the many diseases you’re carrying already and I’m getting really grossed out just thinking about it.

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