The Only 4 Good Things About Captain America: The First Avenger


I’m not stupid, I didn’t expect go into the Captain America movie with the expectation that I would enjoy it. True to my own form, there was excessive amounts of exasperated sighs and eye rolling (memories of TRON). It’s no secret that one of the main reasons they are making all these comic book movies is that younger men are the only ones actually paying to go see films anymore, and seeing that last time I checked I am not a male aged 16-24, it’s understandable to an extent that I’m getting exhausted with them. Still, rather than write a list of what I hated about the movie, I decided to put a positive spin on it and write about the few things I enjoyed. SPOILER ALERT.

1. Tommy Lee Jones

Why isn’t this dude in more movies? WHY? He is and always has a real Hollywood actor and whether he is an ego maniac warden in Natural Born Killers or a sympathetic police sherrif that spent his life missing the action, he is always believable and clever. Using his own dry delivery and thanks to some clever writing, Tommy Lee Jones makes Colonel Chester Phillips a valuable asset to the film despite him only being a supporting role.

2. Johann Schmidt / Red Skull

I love a good villan and when it comes to good villains, it isn’t going to get better than Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull. Schmidt goes rogue from his Nazi buddies to form an even more evil sect obsessed with the power, the occult and, naturally, world domination. Played by Hugo Weaving, who you may remember as Elrond from the Lord of the Rings, Johann Schmidt is evil through and through and when the mask comes off, shit gets real.

3. Samuel L Jackson’s Eye Patch

Not Samuel L Jackson, and not his character Nick Fury. Just the eye patch

4. Air Conditioning

It was, hands down, the best part of this movie. Cool, breezy and literally melting away the memories of the inferno of a heat wave happening outside, if only for a couple short hours. If it’s up to me, Air Condition will win every award at next years Oscars including best documentary, best animated feature and bet foreign film.