If You Need Me, I’ll Be On My Tropical Island Yacht


Maybe it’s cause I grew up poor eating celery for weeks on end or presently live pretty much at the poverty line that the things rich people spend their money on never cease to amaze me. It’s cause of rich people we end up with things like diamond coated iPhones and that people like Kim Kardashian have $2 million dollar engagement rings

Everyone likes nice things, me included. I just splurged for a leather jacket I really couldn’t afford and I honestly can’t get over how guilty I feel about it.  But it’s still a nice thing and I still really like it, so I can understand why people go for these insane luxury items, I just can’t justify a lot of them I guess.

From:  http://dvice.com via http://www.geekologie.com

Are you an ultra rich person who can’t decide between a fancy new yacht, and getting your own little tropical paradise? Perhaps this concept that combines a bit of each in one massive structure could be the solution.

The Tropical Mountain Paradise concept from Island Yacht Design, takes the crazy notion of putting an island right on top of a yacht, complete with a volcano topping it all off. Water flows down from the top of the volcano and into the pool, but to be more realistic, shouldn’t that be red hot lava?

That being said, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before some idiot in St. Barts is cruising around in his very own Tropical Island Yacht (with volcano of course) but for now, it’s only in design mode.  And thank fucking god because I don’t even want to think about a) how much this thing costs or b) the type of fucking asshole that would shell out the cash for this thing. I don’t even know him but I know without question I would hate him uncontrollably.

Here’s a few more shots.