Mandatory Post About the Back to the Future Nikes

This is one of those things that I was getting in my mailbox, over IM and sent to me on Facebook all god damned day and I usually try to avoid posting about things that are EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE for the most part. Seriously, why the hell are you gonna come here to to read stories that are all over the net already? I’m not that good a writer. We all know this.

Remember when we all saw Back to the Future 2 and Marty had the power lade Nikes and everybody was all like holy shit and then we all forgot about them?

I remember at one point maybe ten years ago, when the millennium rolled over, thinking to myself “this is the 21st century, where the fuck are my power laces?

I don’t know what the deal is with these, if they will in fact lace up themselves or not, but all I know is they are really stupid looking which means all the sneaker nerds are probably lined up in front of Nike stores around the world already, because in the sneaker world, the uglier and stupider a shoe looks, the more in demand it tends to be.


They won’t be available to the public… at least not yet. They are only producing 1,500 pairs for now, and available via auction for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is actually kinda nice.

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