This is Some Balloon Boy Shit Right Here

You probably only know the names of Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi because of that time they tried to crash some party at the White House in an effort to garner themselves some publicity for their appearences on Real Housewives of DC.

Reports surfaced yesterday that Michaele hasdbeen kidnapped and everyone is pretty quick to assume that there was, in fact, no kidnapping and this is just another bullshit ass PR stunt by a couple of idiots with way to much fucking time on their hands.


Tareq claims that he came home in the afternoon and his wife wasn’t there and he became alarmed.  He then says he received a suspicious call from his wife from a phone number in Oregon at 7:11 p.m. East Coast time and she told him “I went to get my hair done,” explaining why she wasn’t in the house.

Rodriguez told “Tareq thought it sounded like someone was making Michaele say she was ok.”  She also said Tareq told her the Sheriff’s department reported that Michaele called them to tell them not to worry about her because she was “dealing with some personal issues.

The first assumption was that this was some bullshit ass hoax but the plot seems to be a little thicker than that because Michaele Salahi got in touch with the deputy to tell them  she’s not kidnapped and just doesn’t want her husband to know where she is ie: she is probably bangin some other dude.

I don’t know what bugs me about this more, the fact tax dollars are being spent dealing with these fucking jokers or the fact that a news outlet like CNN is picking this shit up. What the fuck?

UPDATE: She’s been off banging the guitarist from JOURNEY. You can’t make this shit up.

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