It seems the TV gods have heard my tribal dances (and by tribal dances I mean me laying in front of my television while eating food that falls over my stomach and stains my shirt) and decided to respond answering my prayers in the form of stinking rotting trash to feed the garbage disposal that has become my brain.


“We are so excited to be working with Roy Bank, a great professional in this business,” Courtney and Doug exclusively told,

“We are proud that we were able to find the perfect producer for our reality show and are thrilled to be working with this prestigious production company.”

Bank was the executive producer of reality show hits like Mark Burnett Productions’ Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

“The reason we went with Roy is because we feel that he is the man who will be able to place Courtney’s show in front of the best network for her,” Krista Stodden, Courtney’s pimp momager, told

I haven’t been this excited since Living Lohan, and like Living Lohan, I better enjoy it while I can cause there is no way this shit is gonna make it past one season.

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