What. The. Fuck.

Thinking about Michelle Duggar pushing out her 20th kid makes my vagina hurt and also makes me kinda wanna throw up. Actually not kinda. It does make me want to throw up

The reality stars have faced mounting criticism over the size of their family and the risks of Michelle’s new pregnancy following the premature birth of their daughter, Josie, in Dec. 2009. But the couple insists that Josie’s frightening premature birth and Michelle’s life-threatening preeclampsia were not enough to convince them that 19 kids were enough.

“If we felt that way, we would have stopped back with our second birth,” insists Michelle, 45, who experienced preeclampsia during her second pregnancy with twins John David and Jana, now 21. “There are many women who have experienced preeclampsia and have gone on to have more children.”

“That whole mind set that you stop after a problem pregnancy isn’t realistic,” she continues. “You may encounter struggles along the way. You may not have a perfect pregnancy, but each child is a precious gift.”

This fucking lady is going to die giving birth and that walking cartoon character Jim Bob is going to have to take care of this whole god damned army. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t watch their show now, but that is a shitshow that I would definitely tune in to and reality shows need more deaths live on air anyways.

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