They Gave Oprah an Oscar. Wait, What?

I try not to take award ceremonies seriously, mostly because I think they are a load of shit and completely rigged for the most part and I don;t see the sense in a bunch of rich idiots getting dressed up and all riding around in limos to spend the evening patting a bunch of other rich idiots on the back for 4 hours.

Still, I’ll call bullshit where calling bullshit is due and let me tell you, Oprah Winfrey being given an Oscar is complete bullshit. I guess its a humanitarian Oscar, so it’s not like a really REAL Oscar. It’s like this woman’s farewell tour is never going to end. I mean Jesus, wrap it up already. You already have a fucking magazine that you PUT YOURSELF ON THE COVER OF every month.

Naturally, Op’s disciples wasted no times climbing to so far up her ass that I’m surprised they weren’t popping out of her throat during her acceptance speech.


Travolta said “the academy got it right” when it chose the media mogul to receive its Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, calling her “the most wonderful person in the world, the most magical person in the world and the most powerful person in the world.”

Do I really have to say anything after that

Let’s be honest here, I’m pretty sure everybody in the audience was all thinking the same thing when she was done her speech: Where is my free fucking car?

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