The Vatican is Butthurt and Made Benneton Pull This Ad

Benneton is notorious for fucking with people through it’s ads and this new run of ads is no exception. Someone over at Benneton thought it would be hilarious – which it is – to make photoshoppped ads with all sorts of political and religious figures making sexy face kissys to each other.

Not surprisngly, when the Vatican found out that the pope was having gays times with Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb of Cairo’s al-Azhar institute, they got whatever religious underpants they wear under those long robes, if they wear any at all, in a bunch.


Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi called the ad an “unacceptable” manipulation of the pope’s likeness that offended the religious sentiments of the faithful.

“It shows a serious lack of respect for the pope,” Lombardi said in a statement that warned that the Vatican was studying measures to protect the pontiff’s image.

You know what else shows a serious lack of respect? Covering up the molestation of children by clergymen for god knows how long.

Still, Benneton pulled the ads out of respect for the Pope or maybe cause they believe in magic God and are worried about getting struck by lightning next time they step outside.

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