Mickey Mouse is Sharpening His Teeth As I Type This

I’m not much for these televised talent competitions for the most part, mostly because I already went through high school once (barely) and got more than my fill of wannabe hack butchering Whitney Houston songs off key.

I have been watching the American version of X-Factor though and I gotta say that, for once, I think they really may be on to something in terms of finding someone that is actually talented. Like I mean for real singer, star quality talented. That doesn’t mean I don’t think that entire fucking thing is rigged, but that’s another story all together.

Regardless, it seems that the sharks over at Disney have also taken notice of the talent on the show, most notably the completely adorable, and gifted singer that is little Rachel Crow. Apparently they can’t wait to get their life ruining claws into Rachel.

From http://www.radaronline.com/

Disney execs have said they are desperate to sign up the 13-year-old singing sensation in the hopes she’ll follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

A source on the show told Radar: “Disney have been contacting Rachel’s reps a lot, and they have big ideas or her. She’s auditioned for them a few times before The X Factor and now that they see her in ‘Factor’ and how talented she is, they want a piece of that.”

Rachel’s story has touched countless viewers of The X Factor. After being taken away from her crack addict mother, she was placed as a foster child with a family when she was just six months old and adopted by them a year later.

Now to be fair, I’ve seen interviews with Rachel’s mother and she seems like a very grounded, humble woman who cares a lot about the well being of her child, unlike Mommy Dearest and some other noted Hollywood parents that have seemed and seem more inclined to use their children as paychecks rather than ensuring they are growing up safe and healthy and onwards into adulthood.

Still, the Disney track record isn’t good in terms of their child stars and with or without Disney you can’t deny Rachel’s talent and I hope for the sake of her and her family that her parents make the decision to stay as far as fucking possible away from anything to do with that Pimp Mouse.

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