Everybody Hates Kim Kardashian Now and It’s Amazing

I love the fact that Kim and the other Kunts are getting all this backlash since all this wedding and divorce bullshit. It’s making me feel like there is some sort of hope after all in regards to the idiots out there in zombie TV land starting to see all this for what it really is.

It seems Australian officials are the latest to just on the bandwagon of hate as they are starting to question Kim’s Visa use while visiting the country on what were actually business trips, not personal as she specified when entering the country.

From http://www.tmz.com

Australia might become the first Kim Kardashian-free country on Earth … after their Immigration Department has reportedly put K.K. on a watch list following three separate visa-related incidents.

Her most recent trip sparked an inquiry, claims the Daily Telegraph, because her visa application says she was a tourist … when in fact she was there for a heavily-promoted business appearance.

The paper says the trip caused the Department of Immigration to review past trips … and found she’d done the same thing in 2007 and 2010.

To be completely fair, I don’t think anybody, even including Kim herself, actually qualifies what she does as “work” so you *could* chalk this whole thing up to her own stupidity.

Honestly though, this bitch has got a lot of nerve. she made out like a bandit on those trips thanks to her bullshit ass talkshow and personal appearances. Travelling as a tourist my ass.

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