RECAP 2011: Lady Gaga’s Fans Really Are Little Monsters

This is, hands down, my favorite post from this past year.

I’ve made no secret about my dislike for the publicity (whore) machine that Lady Gaga is and the ridiculous lengths shes goes to in order to get attention but what really sealed the deal for me in terms of my distaste for her ended up not being when she did something outlandish, but when she did nothing at all.


It’s no secret that I think Lady Gaga and her whole walking art installation thing are fucking bullshit. I can’t say too much but one of my best friends is a guy who knows a guy that used to be pretty high up in the ranks of her organization and long story short, she is completely full of shit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if this bitch was half as in love with her music as she’s always spewing on about, she would be on a stage, alone, with only her piano and her voice. No stupid costumes, no back-up dancers, no fireworks, no 10 inch high shoes and no fucking egg giving birth to her.

Of course, being alone on stage with a piano isn’t marketable these days, especially during the initiation of a pop career.  And that’s what this all is. It’s all marketing. Make no mistake. There are teams of people behind Lady Gaga, including artistic directors and nowhere she goes, nothing she wears and certainly nothing she says isn’t carefully calculated to make sure it maintains her overall brand.

Her fans, however, aren’t quite as complacent.  Despite all of Gaga’s initiatives for people to love themselves and each other the way they are, not to hate or discriminate (You were born this way, babe!) apparently her fans are doing just the opposite.

Lady Gaga once again swept nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards, beating out both Katy Perry and newcomer Adele.  Delighted with Gaga’s nominations in the various catagories, some of her fans figured it would be nice to take to twitter and not only insult Adele due to her lack of nominations, but due to her weight.

Some of the Tweets:

“Adele probably ate Lady Gaga’s other nominations”

“CONFIRMED: Gaga will not be wearing the meat dress at the 2011 VMA’s because she is afraid Adele will eat her.”

“Adele: ‘I’m bootyful in my way, cause Arbys makes noooo mistakes, I’ve got the right order, baby I was borrrn this weeeigggghttt.’”

Call me crazy, but I *think* this may fall into the category of extreme intolerance AND bullying, but I’m not social worker, so you may wanna double check that.

Now, do I think these fans views represent all of Lady Gaga’s fans? Absolutely not. I know that, and I’m sure you do to.

What I do think is that it’s maybe it’s the tiniest bit of a wake-up call for Gaga that amid all the interviews and tweets and ‘powerful’ moments on stage, at the end of the day, it’s all just songs. Nothing more, nothing less. And no matter how powerful she may claim the message is that they are conveying, this is pop music, it’s not spoken word poetry and it’s not an influential literary masterpiece that will influence generations to come.

People aren’t always looking for or listening to the message. Especially when you have to wade through endless fluo colored wigs, platform heels, PVC costumes, giant sunglasses and endless layers of lace and make-up to get to it.

I’d like to see Gaga on stage, stripped down to herself. The real person. Make that marketable to your legions of fans. Make THAT have commercial appeal.  Show people you were born THAT way. THAT is being yourself. She’s isn’t proof that being yourself will get you were you want to go. She is proof that being yourself isn’t enough for the entertainment industry and to really get anywhere, you better be prepared to be anyone or anything except yourself.

I predict a lengthily apology about what a great artist Adele is and how she is ashamed that her little monsters would say such things in 3…2…1…and probably not because she even means it but because PR wise, it’s the right thing to do.

Anything for the brand, right Gaga?


FYI: Lady Gaga never issued any sort of apology to Adele on behalf of her asshole fans.

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