Oh Man…

Celebrity Apprentice is one of the better reality shows if you ask me because it is the recipe for the perfect shit storm of assholes and hasbeens. It really doesn’t get much better in terms of celebrity delusion both in terms of their own perceived infamy and more importantly their own perceived intelligence.

Because anything remotely New Jersey or Staten Island is hot right now (come on, you know you love MOB WIVES as much as I do) they decided to add not one but two off shore New York bitches with more attitude than a gay dance troupe in the forms of Teresa Giudice and Victoria Gotti.

The rest of the cast this season includes:

Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno
Aubrey O’Day (Token dumb blonde)
Tia Carrere aka Cassandra from Wayne’s World
Patricia Velasquez (Tits and ass)
Lisa Lampanelli (Resident shit talker)
Arsenio Hall  (WHAT THE FUCK?!)
Adam Carolla (Who cares?)
George Takei from Star Trek (YES!)
Magician Penn Jillette (They should have gottan Teller and not had him talk the entire season)
Paul Teutul Sr. from American Chopper (Oh for fuck sakes)
Cheryl Tiegs
Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza
Gay Aiken
Debbie Gibson?
Michael Andretti
Dee Snider (Please let this include groupies with STDs).

Back to Teresa Giudice and Victoria Gotti, all I can hope for is a lot of bitch slapping and even more weave pulling and when I say weave pulling I am including the Donald and Gay Aiken in that mix as well cause you know those two  are catty as fuck!

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