How to Waste $2000+ Dollars If You Have Money to Burn

If you have already exhausted your many means to waste money in thre forms of expensive drug habits, wiping your ass with money and feeding your Fabergé egg addiction, fret not because the assholes over at Royal Caribbean Cruises thought up a grand idea that will help you liquidate any disposable income you have in a timely fashion.


For the pleasure of cruising with the mom of eight, passengers will shell out between $1,900 and $3.175 per person, double occupancy. They’ll get to meet Kate at a “welcome cocktail party,” attend a Q & A session with her, have a photo op, and even “learn a new craft from the professional herself.”

The trip starts and ends in Ft. Lauderdale, with stops in Jamaica, Cozumel and Haiti. Haiti? Yes, the poorest nation in the Western world has a cruise ship port-of-call in the city of Labadee. Oh, and August is hurricane season in the Caribbean.

This doesn’t sound like a holiday, it sounds like a motivation for a group suicide at sea.

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