Kris Jenner Really Knows How to Stick It In and Break It Off

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner is a money grubbing bitch that will pretty much make her and her family do any god damn thing that will keep them on TV and the money rolling in (keep an eye out for Kylie and Kendall Visit the Gynecologist next season on E!) so when I read the details of the divorce of her and Robert Kardashian I wasn’t really surprised.

I can’t speak for what family life what like for the Kardashians when her and Robert were still married or what their relationship was like, but that still doesn’t change the fact that all these details show what a whore for cash and material shit this lady is and bad marriage or not, I never have a lot of respect for men who marry rich men and let all hell break loose spending THEIR money and then expect that same man to support the lifestyle they have become “accustomed to” after they decide to leave his has. has the following details:

According to the documents, after discovering the affair an angry Robert cancelled Kris’ credit cards, store cards and stopped paying for her extravagant lifestyle ­ something Kris bitterly fought against as she claimed she deserved the “luxury lifestyle” she had been leading.

“The petitioner and I shared a luxury lifestyle,” Kris said in her petition for spousal and child support. “Nothing was too good for our family. Even our children’s clothing was purchased at exclusive boutiques.”

In her petition, Kris goes on to detail her tastes for fancy restaurants and boutiques, high-priced European holidays and lavish home entertainment ­ “The New Year’s Eve party alone cost between $10,000 and $12,000. Since January 1990 the petitioner has essentially cut me off from all funds.

In addition Kris requested the following:

– cover her and the family’s expenses ­totalling $37,189

-$15,000 a month mortgage payment on the Beverly Hills home

-wages for a gardener, a maid and housekeeper

-$800 on clothing for all four children and $2000 on herself each month

-payment of credit car debt at various fancy ass stores totalling $21,000

There’s also some shit about Robert emotionally abusing Kris and calling her a slut, a bitch and whore (if the shoe fits, adultress…) and more of Kris Jenner making herself out to be the complete victim in the situation. Check the link for more horseshit.

Reading this, it’s no wonder that Kim and fam turned out the way they did. The Whore apples don’t far from the Wore trees from what I understand.

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