Thank F#$@ing God

Because The Kardashian’s don’t already feel like they have their stupid name on enough poorly designed and even more poorly manufactured products and things, someone (Pimp Momma K) decided it would be a good idea to try and dedicated and ENTIRE FUCKING MAGAZINE dedicated to these assholes.

Apparently because these Kunts aren’t tired of seeing their overly made up, plastic faces on everything from hand soaps, to clothing to maxi pads, they thought they would really try¬† to maximize their over exposure. Thankfully, decided to shut this mess down before it started


It was recently revealed the family was in talks with the publisher — home to Shape, Star, National Enquirer and Radar Online — to create a magazine entirely dedicated to the family’s antics.

But sources told the New York Post the deal turned sour after Jenner demanded she have editorial approval over every AMI publication to ensure wall-to-wall positive coverage of the overexposed reality robots.

A source said AMI “balked” at the demand, even though megalomaniac mom Jenner offered to “dish” all of the family “scoop” to the fanzine. AMI execs argued they did not want to just swallow saccharine “Kardashian krap,” noting that while they have a television deal with E!, which broadcasts the Kardashians’ numerous reality TV shows, other outlets often get better scoops on the family.

I don’t know what surprises me more, that Kris actually thought this shit would fly or that I am this impressed with a story that came from Fox Fucking News.

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