Grammy’s Recap, As It Happened

I don’t know what the fuck to write in terms for an intro for this, Im so exhausted with the whole thing at theis point, but here’s how the Grammys went down through my eyes.

-Bruce Springsteen opening was a nice touch and it’s nice to know that amid all the bullshit of today’s entertainment industry they let still make room for real musicians at this cause honestly, sometimes I wonder if they even care about real musicians anymore. Bubble gum, manufactured pop stars take note: Those are REAL musicians.

-WTF IS LADY GAGA WEARING OVER HER FACE. that;s not an elegant bird cage is a piece of rusty fence she found in the meat packing district of NYC

-LL Cool J Just came on stage and I started screaming. You could see he had tears in his eyes and it was touching. I wasn’t to into the bit with the prayer and the lord, but ultimately it’s forgivable given it’s positive intention.

-That Whitney Houston Grammys clip made ma teary.

-Adele is looking smoking hot. Really fantastic. LLs little shout out to her was SO adorable.
-Am I the only person on earth that thinks Bruno Mars is an annoying midget? That’s how it feels most of the time. His stage set up was really nice tho and I gotta hand it to him with the “Get off your rich asses and have some fun” comment. As much as  hate his music, he really is a great performer. Even an asshole like me can’t deny that.

-Bonnie Raite? Where the fuck as she been? She’s seen better days but her voice is still fantastic. Anywhoo, the Etta James tribute was beautiful and I was really surprised with how well their voices work together.

-Ughhh those cut shots ot Lady Gaga


-Adele kicked lady Gaga and evertone else in the face with the first win of the night! Yes!

-Glad to see the awards shows are still supporting women beater Chris Brown and the auto tune and lip syncing that go along with him.

-Holy shit we are only a half an hour in, it feels like this shit had been going on forever. Why the fuck didn’t I buy a bottle of vodka for this?

-Fergie’s dress? Oooof.

-Best Hip Hop? Yawn

-Reba Macintyre is still a fucking babe, I don’t care what anyone says.

-God I wish Kelly Clarkson would disappear

-Jack Black is fucking amazing end of story. Why the fuck don’t we have more of Jack Black in everything?

-Foo Fighters played at an outdoor stage area in front of a real crowd, probably because they are amazing and told the Grammy people that playing in front of a crowd of stuffy assholes sitting in their seats is fucking stupid and they weren’t down. I don’t even think I like to Foo Fighters music so much as I like the Foo Fighters themselves.

-I really wish I could get on board with Rhianna’s music cause I pretty much love every single thing about her except that.

-Ughhhhhhh Why the fuck won’t Coldplay GO AWAY? Wanna know how exciting this performace was? I started googling plastic surgery before and after pictures about 1/4 of the way through. and muted that shit.

-FOO FIGHTERS SHUT COLD PLAY THE FUCK DOWN and Dave Grohl’s speech pretty much shut all the no talent ass clowns of the present day music industry down.

-The Beach Boys all look like they are about to be carted off in an ambulence any minute now.

-HOLY FUCK these cut shots to Lady Gaga, bitch looks SOOOOO strung out. Damn.

-Okay Stevie Wonder just made everything wrong with this awards show right. Bustin the Harmonica! What!!

-Okay, nothing but love for Paul McCartney, but not his best performance. Just saying.

-Celebration of woman beating for Chris Brown. Good for him!

-I don’t know who these country folk are opening for Tayllor Swift but I already like them better than Taylor Swift. Seriously I’m surprised this bitch isn’t up there strumming on one of those wash board things. She’s very pretty and she can sing well, but fuck this bitch annoys the hell out of me.


-Katy Perry. Yawn. Like the way they made us thing she was getting fucked up but it was just a part of the show. Very clever Grammy producers. Double yawn. And once again, WHY THE FUCK DID SHE NOT GET HER HAIR RE-COLORED BEFORE THE SHOW? She looks like a fucking squeegee kid.

-Oh here’s fucking GOOP announcing Adele, because Adele is British and GOOP thinks she is British so I guess that shit is fitting.

-God her voice is amazing tho. Adele, not GOOP. And the crowd goes wild. What a great first performance back!

This is the part where I stopped watching. I decided it can only go downhill from here and I’m not drunk and can’t take much more of this. fuck this shit man. If anything interesting happened, tell me about that shit in the comments.

My favorite part was when I CHANGED THE CHANNEL!

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