Lindsay Lohan is Getting Paid Again….

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Gotta show off my shittay extensions and post-rehab glow!

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is getting paid to act again. Why anyone would still hire her for anything at all is beyond me, yet it keeps happening. Lindsay posted the above selfie to instagram the other day with some caption about being ‘back at work.’ Word on the street is that the ‘work’ is a legitimate acting job on HBO’s Eastbound and Down, which was a show I used to really love, but now I am not so sure about. Because they hired Lindsay. To act. Not just to give blow jobs to the cast and crew, which is where her career should really be at right now.

I have a really hard time with the whole Lohan thing. She has gotten off so easy, so many times, yet again and again proves that she couldn’t give a shit that she has been so lucky by doing the exact same crap she always does. I feel bad for her because she has awful parents that enable her, sure, but there comes a point where you are an adult and you need to be responsible for your own actions. Yeah, she stayed in rehab this time because she had to, but she left the exact second that she could. Yeah, she looked good on Chelsea Lately and did a good job, but that was immediately after her exit from the rehab facility- and right after that aired there were already rumors of her partying with that stupid boy band, The Wanted.

I just feel like it is at the point now where there should be no more chances. I felt like that last year during the whole The Canyons and Liz and Dick crap, too, and now I just feel it even more strongly. Honestly, I think she gets hired as a PR stunt, to get people to watch because they want to see the train wreck. However, there are thousands of prettier and more talented girls in LA who could do these jobs way better, and Lohan is just given them on a silver platter- basically, because she is a piece of shit and people want to see what happens next.

I mean, seriously, why would she change her behavior? She keeps getting rewarded for it. It’s way past ridiculous at this point. 

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