Will Laura Prepon Be Back for Season 2 of ‘Orange Is The New Black?’

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Prepon giving you her best ‘hot lesbian stare’ in the Netflix original series, ‘Orange is the New Black.’

The internets went crazy last night after a report via Buzzfeed that Laura Prepon would not be a season regular in the second season of Netflix’s breakout hit, Orange is the New Black. Since that initial report, Netflix has issued a statement saying the the report was ‘inaccurate.’ Via E! News:

“It’s not accurate,” a Netflix rep insisted. “Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed.”

Unfortunately, that statement still leaves things pretty open, as it doesn’t really confirm or deny the report. I hate that shit. If you watch the show, you know how pivotal the role of Alex, played by Prepon, is. Without her, the show would have to go in an entirely different direction- one I am not so sure would be as great.

If you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black, you should absolutely watch it, as it is amazing. It was created by Jenji Kohan, creator of Weeds, and is centered around Piper (played by Taylor Schilling), whose past lesbian relationship with an international drug runner (Prepon) lands her in prison. As you can imagine, a prison filled with woman winds up being much like a small city, filled with some very interesting characters. This gives the show enough layers and drama to keep you glued to the screen throughout each episode. I literally watched the entire first season in a day- it is that good. You may think that a show with that many woman would be ‘a girl’s show,’ as one of my apparently tv-show-sexist male friends said. However, a good male friend of mine (who is also a director) watched it just as fast and loved it just as much as I did, as did my husband- whose only complaint was, ‘Seeing a person you grew up with naked all the time on TV is weird.’ (He went to grade school through high school with Prepon- and yes, you do see her tits a lot).

This show has so much going on that it would take me forever to explain the plot, and this post has already been long and not funny, so I am not going to try to do that. Basically, if you like good writing and acting, with some hot lesbian action thrown in, you will enjoy Orange is the New Black. If you haven’t seen it, THIS article from Buzzfeed will fill you in on why you should watch, and if you have seen it, THIS article, also from Buzzfeed, is awesome.

I just hope Prepon will be back next season. The lesbian hotness wouldn’t be the same without her…

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