‘The Big Reveal’ of the Kimye Spawn.

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“So, then the doctor was like, ‘What is this thing, it CANNOT be human. It looks like some sort of demon… AHHHHHH!!’ …and we just laughed and laughed. North was so hungry!”

So, TMZ has up what they call ‘The Big Reveal’ of the spawn called North West, that was birthed because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were putting their bathing suit parts together, which just seems gross. Anyway, those two people went to the doctor with said spawn (who was, of course, covered with a blanket, making her invisible) this week, and in true TMZ fashion, TMZ got some pictures.

The first thing that I noticed while I scrolled through each of the complete overkill of 26 photos, was that having 26 photos for this event was overkill. Also, that the fact that I was looking at all 26 made me feel quite lame. After that, I noticed that I actually thought Kim Kardashian looked hot for once. She was totally dressed down, in a way that we’ve never seen her dress before, and she looks way better. I like her dressed like this. She looks like a person instead of an inflated doll. I also noticed that they were smiling at each other, and that I don’t remember ever seeing Kanye West smile before. I then wondered to myself if they were really smiling, like for a reason…like because of feelings they feel inside (because I didn’t know either of them had any and I’m still not convinced that they aren’t robots), or if it was just a show for the paps. Then I said, holy shit, I am lame and made myself stop caring, just like god intended.

Anyway, since I went through all 26 like a loser, I figured I’d steal the best ones from TMZ and post them in a slideshow for your pleasure and convenience:

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