Girl-Crush Alert: Anna Kendrick!




I’ve always loved Anna Kendrick. She’s a fantastic actress. She’s a talented singer. She’s down-to-earth, funny and beautiful. What more could you want?

Above are some gifs via Uproxx of this adorable instagram video of Anna’s reaction to the recent success of her song ‘cups’ on the Billboard charts. She captioned the video: “How I feel about having a song in the billboard top ten for five weeks. #ItDefiesLogic.” ‘Cups’ is a song that came out over a year ago and was made for the tween-scene film, Pitch Perfect. Anna obviously realizes the ridiculousness of the success of the song and doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that makes me love her even more than I already do. Hold on to your pants, though, because Anna did a scantily-clad shoot and interview for GQ that went live today….and not only is she funny and adorable- she’s smokin’ hot, too. Here are the photos Via GQ:

In the interview, Anna talks about how she loves Belgian beers, proving to be a girl after my own heart. Head over to GQ for the full interview, where she also discusses one night stands and underwear shopping.

Anna, you are becoming my #1 girl-crush….We should totally drink some Belgian beer and make-out sometime!

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