Lord Kanye is being sued over LAX pap scuffle- Videographer being represented by Gloria Allred

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX
heheheh! tickle fight!

Back in mid-July, Lord Kanye West, ruler of all lands and sexer of Kardashian ass, was involved in a ‘scuffle’ with a videographer at LAX. The LA County District Attorney investigated the incident and declined to file felony charges, so the videographer is now filing a lawsuit- and is being represented by Gloria Allred. Word is that Allred will announce the lawsuit during a press conference today. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“The videographer will appear alongside Allred at a news conference on Wednesday where footage of the incident will be played. The attorney will also “strongly condemn the support that some celebrities have given Kanye West for his attack on ‘paparazzi,'” read Allred’s statement.”

Ok, so I’ve seen the footage of the incident, and it’s pretty much the most pussy ‘attack’ I’ve ever seen. Both Kanye and the videographer look like little girls fighting over a barbie. As I said in my recent post about Lohan, I think that being in the public eye and having the paps take pictures of you is part of the tradeoff of being rich and famous. Lord Kanye is rich and famous, and he should be used to this shit by now. He should have kept his mouth shut and got in the car that was waiting for him and not caused unnecessary trouble for himself.

Good call on the part of the videographer for hiring Allred. She scares the shit out of people. I once had a lawyer from her firm represent me in a sexual harassment suit, and just him being associated with her made a nice settlement offer come in less than 24 hours later. Will she scare Lord Kanye, though? Probably not.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. You can view the footage of the ‘incident’ on TMZ.

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