Morning links to get you going- brought to you by me and my cat on a couch…

My cat is really good at surfing the internets...

My cat is really good at surfing the internets…

Maybe the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen- Peter Dinklage randomly hoola hooping with Lena Headey, drunk at a gay bar in Canada. Via The Superficial

Emily Didonato has sex with Jake Gyllenhaal and did a sexy/weird shoot for Interview Magazine. Via Drunken Stepfather

Kate Beckinsale is in her 40’s and still looks amazing in a bikini. Via Hollywood Tuna

Disney is about to layoff a bunch of people. Via The Los Angeles Times

For some inexplicable reason, Madonna has a grill now. Via Lainey Gossip

Jennifer Love Hewitt is still a pregnant person. Via WWTDD

Kim Kardashian is going to eat her placenta, apparently. Via Gossip Cop

Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach has to give his ex-wife 5 million dollars and Bob Dylan’s hair. Seems legit. Via TMZ

Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz are probably having sex with each other. Via Dlisted