Kanye debuted the first photo of North West on Kris Jenner’s talk show…and he also talks like a fancy person now.

Here she is…the spawn of Kimye. (via Kris Jenner/Twitter)

Welp, there she is. North West, the spawn of Kimye. Made by Kim Kardashian, her comically huge ass, and Kanye West and his ego, all bumping their parts together. She’s nothing special- she pretty much looks like a normal baby that resembles her parents, as one would expect. Although, I was actually expecting her to look more like a demon-child. Also, couldn’t they have used a better picture? I was expecting some Vogue-type shit.

[UPDATE: The Superficial has pointed out how much North looks like George Zimmerman, and now every time I look at her, all I can see is his face. Thanks guys, I’ll probably never be able to wash the uncanny resemblance from my brain. So, perhaps she is a demon-child, after all.]

Kanye debuted this, the first picture of his spawn (without mamma Kim or her ass), on Kris Jenner’s talk show ‘Kris’ today. Kris is making a last-ditch effort to increase the ratings of her shitty show, because today is the last episode that airs before Fox decides whether or not to pick it up for a full series.

Kanye got pretty emo regarding Kim while talking to her mom, even though he is basically saying ‘The world thinks your daughter is trash, but I love her, don’t worry.’ You can watch that clip below via the Kris Youtube Page. If you decide to watch, please notice how Lord Kanye now has a fancy-person accent- which is probably because he is a fancy fashion designer now. You know, he goes to Paris to design shit, and those Parisians be fancy. He needs to fit in.

Ok, in all honesty I should probably not be making fun of this innocent child. I feel bad for the kid. The people surrounding her are just so insufferable.

I have to be going now, because if I write any more about these people, I am pretty sure my head will explode.

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