Lady Gaga’s VMAs Performance: A Story of Wigs and Unitards Told in Gifs

I don't know what this is.
I don’t know what this is.

Lady Gaga also performed at the VMAs last night, with her weird performance culminating in her getting nearly naked, in some sort of mermaid thong and bra, as shown above. I could go my usual route of talking about how Lady Gaga is an unattractive try-hard, who does over-the-top weird things to get attention and over-compensate, because she knows she is unattractive (I will say that at least she can dance, unlike Miley)…or, I could tell you the story of her performance in gifs! Yeah, lets go with gifs! Yay gifs! Now you don’t even have to watch the whole thing- or hear her music!

This is the story of Lady Gaga’s VMAs performance, which I like to call:

A Story of Wigs and Unitards Told in Gifs

942062_1232_TmgJHp   We start with a close-up of Gaga, wearing some sort of cube on her head and singing , all while making weird faces. (So much talent!)

942062_1798_FJ5mokow22   We pull back, revealing Gaga in something resembling a nun’s habit, still making weird faces.

942062_2440_g3IUU7w Then, some men in unitards and wig caps enter and reveal….

942062_2598_UxCEjARb   …Gaga in a more sparkly, lady-unitard and a wig cap!

942062_3303_3tFBffi   Then, the Unitard Men help Gaga get into her mom’s work outfit from the 80s, and a platinum-blonde-bob. (A wig, of course! This story is about wigs.)

942062_3462_P1SIKE5   Next, Gaga and the Unitard Men do some 80s choreography, to go with her mom’s work outfit from the 80s.

942062_4351_29TyQnIS   After that, Gaga takes off her mom’s outfit, probably realizing that it was ugly- and for a brief second, she and the Unitard Men play with balls.  

942062_4872_jqFfOQjUNext, the Unitard Men reveal their Queen, who now has paint on her face, wearing a yellow wig with black roots. (The roots are there for authenticity, I suppose.)

942062_5912_w752Fo53ZQThen the Unitard Men give their Queen some ‘applause’- haha just like the song she is singing! Oh, Gaga!


Surprise! Behind them, Gaga was changing, and now she has been revealed in her mermaid-ish wig/bra/thong combo! Shocking and no-sense-making, just like everything else!


Of course, Gaga now has to turn around now and show you her butt in that mermaid thong, right before…


…she puts down her mic down for the big finish! She smiles, while the Unitard Men seem to be taking their Queen, the performance and their unitards very seriously. 




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