Farrah Abraham’s awful ‘Days of Our Lives’ audition. (of course, she got the part)

Above is Farrah Abraham’s audition for Days of Our Lives, which might literally be one of the worst auditions I have ever seen. First- I don’t get the phone thing. Is she reading her lines off of her iPhone, or is she supposed to be acting pre-occupied by her phone in the scene? If the phone was written in the scene, she sucks hard, because it really looks like she is reading lines off of it or just cannot tear herself aways from her phone long enough to record this audition. Second, this would make a lot more sense if she had another person reading the lines of the second character off-camera. Although, I am pretty sure that wouldn’t magically make her a better actress.

Honestly, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because it was boring and awful. So, if you get through it all- kudos to you. Apparently, she got the part and will be playing a hooker, which is pretty fitting- but she doesn’t really deserve to get paid to ‘act’ in anything besides porn, in my opinion.

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