J.Woww Is Making a Baby


So J.Woww posted a scan of her Christmas card on her website earlier today, announcing her expecting child, with a picture of the ultrasound and you are probably asking yourself “Who’s J.Woww”…

Well a few years ago, there was a very popular MTV show people watched called Jersey Shore. The premise was simple, take dumb party sluts and stage them in a way to make them look even more ridiculous. J.Woww was one of the main ones.

Now people, even her fans from those glory days, probably don’t care that she’s pregnant, probably because it’s not the first time she’s been pregnant, but rather just the first time she keeps it…and doesn’t use it to get back at her boyfriend.

I guess she’s following her co-star Snooki’s lead, where she reproduced a few years ago, or earlier this year, or really who cares about these stains on society…and the fact that they are going to groom another generation of them…if anything it is a threat on society…


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