Tom Cruise’s Daughter Goes Sinhead O’Connor On Our Asses:

Isabella-CruiseFor those of you that didn’t know, Tom Cruise has two adoptive kids from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, and they’re weird as fuck.

His adoptive son is named Connor Cruise, and he’s an aspiring DJ [aren’t we all?]. And his adoptive daughter is named Isabella Cruise, who yesterday celebrated her 21st birthday by shaving off all of her hair.

E! News points out that Isabella experimented with every color in the spectrum this year, so perhaps she shaved her head because her hair was so damaged.

But my theory is that she’s just trying to be like any other crazy bitch in Hollywood by doing so.

Either way, Isabella, you’re really fucking cool. What’s even cooler than her haircut however is her all-seeing-eye tattoo on her right arm. Edgy, amirite?

I think it is safe to say…this is why Tom Cruise never brings her out with him, she’s bad for business.

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