Well She Obviously Had the Bieber Fever:


As if we needed more reason not to party with Justin Bieber, TMZ reported tonight that Justin Bieber hosted a party in which an early-twenty-something became unconscious. In the 911 tapes obtained by TMZ, a member of Justin’s camp was heard first telling the 911-dispatcher that the young woman was “hyperventilating.” However, Justin’s camp continuously flip-flopped the story through out the tapes. They later reported that she was having a seizure. Oh, good! The dispatcher began to asks what symptoms she as displaying that led to this conclusion that she was seizing, and he changes his story AGAIN saying she was just passed out. Obviously, this dispatcher was never trained to inquire about the symptoms of the notorious Bieber Fever, because that’s obviously what caused all of this nonsense. When asked to comment on the incident and the tape itself Justin’s camp merely said the girl had had one too many and too little to eat, causing her to pass out. Supposedly the ambulance was called off after Justin’s camp claimed they would escort the young woman to the hospital themselves. However, that never happened. Conclusion of the story? Don’t party with Bieber unless you want to risk your life doing so.

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