True Love DOES Exist:


Although they announced a separation in August, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were seen together wearing their wedding rings this weekend.

The couple had announced their separation this fall, but since then Michael Douglas has hinted towards a reconciliation in the works in many recent interviews, according to Daily Mail.

As if none of that shit ever happened, the couple was seen this weekend with their two children this weekend, both together photographed wearing their wedding rings, solidifying these speculations that their separation has been called off.

The pair were seen in New York City where their entire family romped around, causing a mini-frenzy for the photographer onlookers. “And onlookers who saw the duo at lunch with their children at Orso told the Daily Mail that they were ‘laughing and enjoying each other’s company’.” Notes Daily Mail.

It’s clear why the couple has reconciled, because there is still a mere sliver of hope that true love in Hollywood really does exist after all, and all. Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief that this Hollywood couple might go against all odds and make it WERQ.

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