BREAKING: Kim and Kanye Indulge In S’mores:

kim kris

Fucking seriously? Is this legitimately the best news you have to offer?
Daily Mail reports that Kim and Kanye were seen eating s’mores together by a damn CAMPFIRE in Utah this Sunday. And if that isn’t shocking enough then the observation that this is photographic proof that Kim as deviated from her diet in the best way possible and giving dat fat ass exactly what it wants. Daily Mail really outdid themselves with this description of the anatomy of a s’more sandwich:

“Kim has been working out tirelessly in the gym in the run up to Christmas, and it looks as though she finally let herself indulge as she nibbled on the traditional campfire treat, which is made up of roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of a graham cracker.”

Thanks for the clarification Daily Mail. No one wants to be turned down like Smalls from the Sandlot by not knowing what the fucks in a s’more and mistakenly asking “S’more what? I haven’t had anything yet.”

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