Brit Brit Pops Out of An Outfit During Vegas Show:

Because the pop gods that reside in heaven wanted to see some added skin in Britney’s “Piece of Me” tour in Vegas, they opted to orchestrate a wardrobe malfunction for all of us to enjoy this weekend. And if it wasn’t for Britney’s faithful backup dancers (shout out to K-Fed!!) who were there to protect her modesty, they would have been successful.

While performing her single, “Circus,” the zipper on Britney’s tight sequined costume BUSTED open, and before the audience could be graced with the site of Britney boobs, the fun was brought to and screeching halt when a backup dancer sashayed over and re-zipped her costume. Doesn’t anyone know how to have a good time anymore? Evidently not.

If Miley Cyrus had been in the crowd at this show rather to the one she attended and was spotted at in the front row, it’s safe to say that this would have all ended quite differently. If it had occurred in Miley’s presence I’m certain, because of her love of flashing people, she would have jumped on stage and helped rip the rest of Britney’s costume off for the sake of giving fans a glimpse of what they’ve always wanted to see. Maybe next time, if there ever is a next time.

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