Taylor Swift Needs to “Tear Down This Wall!”


Because she doesn’t just like tormenting people with her love songs, Taylor Swift continued her reign of terror in Westerly Rhode Island by constructing a giant brigade that separates her mansion from the public beach alone. Girl is that concerned about trespassing, perhaps because her notorious “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” anti-trespassing signs didn’t do the trick. So to add another face-palm to her growing list of face-palm decisions, Taylor resorted to other tactics in making sure her beach house is trespass free, and she managed to piss off an entire community in doing so.

Daily Mail reports that residents of the beach community in which Taylor resides are irate over the construction of a wall in front of her beach house, and are demanding proof that she was granted permission for building the eye sore. Little do they know that Tay Tay don’t give a fat fuck what her neighbors think, as she isolated herself even further by adding security to the estate since her house was broken into this summer.

Sigh. God bless this community that is being so helplessly terrorized by this Strawberry Shortcake wannabe.

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