Beating a Dead Horse 101, Brought to You by Shia LaBeouf:


Because Shia LaBeouf can’t and WON’T shut the hell up, he is continuing to apologize for his plagiarism incidents even though everyone stopped caring like ten years ago. It’s not that we’ve forgiven him for being an idiot, it’s just that we weren’t very surprised that he plagiarized in the first place, and then again when he issued an apology. So in an effort to out-douche himself for a third and, hopefully final attempt, he rented a damn airplane to write an apology on his behalf, in DA SKY! We get it Shia, you’re sowwy for stealing words, but please for the love of God sit down. This was unnecessary and should be a keen lesson to you, since he obviously didn’t learn shit in high school English, that you should always cite your resources. People will find out your a word burglar and they will call your ass out for it.

The 27-year-old, after admitting to plagiarizing Daniel Clowes, a graphic novelist, issued numerous wordy apologies. Some even accused him of mocking the critics that called him out for being a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, in Tweets such as,

“You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of a accurately realizing I was mocking you.”

Someone needs to send his ass to the principals office, because girl obviously needs to be taught a lesson on plagiarism and cyber bullying in the most old-school way possible. And if is one good way of scaring a person into making sure they know how to cite a movie properly, (title of recording, distributor, year of release, name of website or database, medium of publication, access date, and URL) it’s getting your ass screamed at and being threatened of being stripped of your career as a student. It’s too bad Shiah is too old for this now, but I’m sure someone could perform a good reenactment. for his sake. If he had known how easy citations are, and how they often save people’s asses, this could have all been easily avoided.

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