Yo Kaley Cuoco- Jessica Biel Called and Wants Her Dress Back:


Lord knows why so many girls think it’s such an awesome idea to wear any color but white on their wedding days, but mimicking Jessica Biel’s hot-mess pink dress that she wore in her wedding to Justin Timberlake last year is Kelly Cuoco, who was wed to her tennis playing boyfriend of two and a half days this New Years Eve. The Vera Wang dress may look like a bad homecoming dress that was on the clearance rack at “Deb,” however, it’s rumored that it costs much more than her elaborate wedding cake, which was seven-tiers high. The wedding theme (can we NOT) was fire and ice, which requires a strict dress code of all red or all white attire. The one-hundred and fifty guests all sacrificed their New Years Eve to watch the ceremony, which consisted of entertainment such as fire-breathers. Whenever I see someone getting married in a pink dress my first thought is that their two hung up on the idea of having a “fairy tale wedding,” [dry heave] but it always surprises me that no one tried to stop messes like this from happening before it’s too late.

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