Kimmy K Makes It Rain Benjamins



Because Kim Kardashian is a retired porn-star with a big ‘ol ghetto booty, she has some money in the bank. And although it seems like she is still a tight-wad with no soul, she dabbled in generosity yesterday when a valet drove her car up for her and she tipped him $100 cash. This riveting tale, brought to you by Daily Mail,  occurred yesterday afternoon outside of Barney’s in New York City.

“The $100 bill was clearly evident in Kim’s carefully manicured hands as she showed her appreciation. And she appears to have been feeling extra generous as the star leaned out of her car a few minutes later to hand out even more cash to the lucky employee.”

It’s pretty evident that this was just another Kim K status publicity stunt. If there hadn’t been a camera on the scene, we’re pretty sure she would have just waddled past the valet without even thanking him for driving her car up. That’s how convinced we are that the only time Kim Kardashian feels like giving back is when all eyes and cameras are on her and her gargantuan ass.